In the modern era, majorities including children and adults are utilizing electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. In fact, the sales reports from the manufacturing companies and brands have reported a continuous increase in consumer use. However, a device, which doesn’t offer many facilities other than the basics, is not attractive. Therefore, there are many application or software developers thriving to gain consumer attention. As a fact, at present, significant percentage of businesses is taking virtual platforms. This paves the way for customers to access information right from the small gadget on their palm. Compared to the applications that were designed few years ago, it has been redefined today.

In fact, these designers and collaborators take months to devise a good plan for developing an application. As a fact, businesses are able to attract more customers. This in turn increases their return clients, as well as, increasing revenue. However, if you scroll through Google play store or Apple store, you’d be able to find plenty of pointless apps too. Hence, it’s important for emerging app or software developers to consider several pointers such as these:

• Colour and theme

Colour and the theme are major factors that decide whether or not a user would want to visit the app. Therefore, cool app design would have a colour that presents a statement about the company and brand. Moreover, you should consider the age, target group such as kids versus adults, etc.

• Visuals and layout

Apart from the above pointer, considering visuals is extremely important, as it has a greater impact. In fact, pictures speaks a thousand words, hence, don’t overcrowd the app. With that said, the layout should be planned so that, the user is guided a smooth flow.

• Typology

On the other hand, font style and theme is another factor that requires proper planning. As, kids store applications would be livelier than a business app. Therefore, consider between trendy font themes versus professional themes for business related apps. For instance a kids learning versus banking application.

• Balance

For example considering the creation of a collaboration app, it would not be useful, if it doesn’t have a balance. The aforementioned elements put together should create a balance between the content, visuals, navigation, etc. As a fact, the teams using it would be able to communicate and be on the same page.

Many are under the impression that customer’s attention is directed towards more written information than other factors. In contrast, strong research evidence points out a strong correlation with visuals such as pictures, animations, etc. Therefore, if you’re planning to work with a client, keep the aforementioned pointers in mind, when designing a new business application.